Information Technology

Our information technology practice focuses on helping customers to understand how legacy applications and information can be transitioned to meet current business needs. We assist our customers to launch an interface design and business process by analyzing their web readiness, web-enabled capability, legacy extension and renewal, and existing ability to support web or e-business type functionality.

Customers have employed us to support the following:

• Custom Application Development / Legacy Integration
• Internet / Intranet / Extranet / Portal / Ecommerce
• DOS / Legacy Conversion to Browser
• Interface / Usability / Information Design
• E-business Development and Support
• Database development, integration and access
• Application Support and Maintenance

Cash Managment Services

GMG Management Consulting Inc. competitive edge in the industry allows our team of integrated experts in accounting, financial management, software security and information technology to devise solutions utilizing commercial off-the-shelf technologies to not only process transactions more efficiently but also to allow decision makers immediate access to accurate and financial data information for timely and reliable financial reporting.

Our goal is to help public organizations meet their mission critical needs without the additional increased costs of the traditional IT firms. These firms can implement technology but have limited financial management expertise. That’s where GMG excels as a unique service provider specializing in federal, state and local fiscal operations, systems and financial reporting. GMG offers a wide variety of affordable, scalable options, and expertise to execute your public requirements with integrity and accountability.

Financial Software Solutions - We can provide Installation, Maintenance & Support Services to our clients. Our speciality is Point of Sale Solutions (POSS).  We provide POSS equipment and terminals that interfaces with the following listed below.

  • Federal Accounting Systems
  • Financial Self Service Solutions
  • Payment and Imaging Technology
  • Accounting and Reporting Technologies
  • Helpdesk Support & Training Solutions and Services