GMG performs the following analysis and accounting services to our clients. We support your operational improvement by offering extensive capabilities in financial management, budgeting, accounting, and auditing. Our focus is on professionalism, quality work products, objectivity and independence.

  • Funds Control
  • Payroll processing and error corrections in NFC and DOI payroll processing systems
  • General ledger transaction analysis
  • FACTS Reporting
  • Budget Analysis and Reporting
  • Account reconciliation and classification, correction and coding of erroneous accounting transactions.
  • Verification and validation of adjusting accounting entries proprietary and budgetary accounts.
  • Accounts Payable Processing and prompt payment reduction
  • Accounts Receivable Processing, inter-agency reimbursable agreement processing, data analysis and summarization, intra-governmental reconciliation.
  • Payroll reconciliation and Analyses.
  • New or revised policy and procedure technical assistance.
  • Treasury SF224 cash review and reconciliation, suspense account research and resolution.
  • Efficiency studies to improve accounting operations and implementation of best practices.
  • Financial Statement Review and Compilation, including reviewing of reimbursable agreements to determine the propriety of accounts receivable, deferred revenue, unfilled customer orders, and anticipated authority.